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make a weekendThe next Central Indiana Cursillo weekends are:


Men's Weekend
October 4 -7, 2018

Women's Weekend
October 18 -21, 2018


Men's Weekend
November 1 - 4, 2018

Women's Weekend
November 8 -11, 2018

Weekends will be held at St. Joseph Retreat House in Tipton, IN
1440 W Division Rd,
Tipton, IN 46072
Click here for directions

In order to make a weekend, you must be sponsored by a Cursillista

Sponsors:  Click the following English or Spanish links on the right  to view and download an application and fill it out for your candidate (English) (Spanish

Potential Candidates: Find out more about the Cursillo Movement - view and download our brochure (English) (Spanish)

You may also want to peruse the information below (frequently asked questions regarding the Cursillo Movement:

Candidate Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of things should I be told about the 3-Day weekend?

The more you know about the weekend before you go, the better. You should be told about the basic schedule and structure of the weekend’s activities (i.e. names of talks, table discussions after the talks, etc.) You will celebrate Mass each day, that there are opportunities for Reconciliation and spiritual direction, etc. In other words, you should know the basic content of the weekend before you ever arrive. Feel free to ask about the Cursillo experience (not just the weekend, but your 4th Day as well). You questions will help you come prepared to enter into the wonderful weekend experience and be open to everything that comes after the weekend in your 4th day.

Are there any age requirements for making a Cursillo?

The candidate should have a mature attitude and be responsible for his/her actions.

How do I get in touch with someone to sponsor me for Cursillo?

In order to make a 3-Day Cursillo weekend, the process begins with a sponsor and a candidate. It is the sponsor’s responsibility to evangelize the candidate and to help form this candidate in the purpose, strategy and method of the Cursillo movement. This process may require more than a short period of time. The Cursillo method calls for sponsors to make a friend, be a friend and bring that friend to Christ. A candidate desiring to become active in the Cursillo movement should begin by talking with someone already in the movement who can pray with them, get to know them, mentor them and ultimately sponsor them for the 3-Day weekend. If you do not know someone who could be a sponsor, a possible starting point is to contact your Parish Priest who will notify your parish coordinator or the Lay Director or any of the chairpersons from the Secretariat. You may also find information through our Web-Site @ http://www.cursillo-cicc.org.

In the case of married couples, is there a requirement that the husband make the Cursillo before the wife?

From the standpoint of the National Cursillo Secretariat, the matter of which member of a couple attends first is unimportant. The practice has changed in recent years and there is no longer a requirement that the husband attend first.

One member of a married couple would like to make a Cursillo, but the other spouse is currently not interested in doing so. What steps need to be taken?

Pray and be patient. The Cursillo Movement holds in highest regard the Sacrament of Marriage and the special relationship between a husband and wife. It is the goal of Cursillo that becoming involved with the Movement will have only a positive effect on the marriage relationship of two people. In the case of married couples, the Cursillo Movement greatly prefers that both spouses attend a 3-day Weekend. The purpose, strategy and methods of Cursillo, if fully lived, will have an effect on the lifestyle of each person making the Cursillo weekend. In those instances where one spouse desires to make the weekend and the other does not or cannot, it is a requirement of the Movement that a brief meeting be held to explain Cursillo. This meeting will include the sponsor, the candidate, the non-attending spouse and the Pre-Cursillo Chairpersons. During this meeting, an explanation will be provided of the Cursillo Movement and the goals and expectations of Cursillo. If, after this meeting, both spouses agree that it is okay for only one to attend, then the invitation may be extended for an upcoming weekend.

My spouse and I are divorced. Can I make a Cursillo weekend?

The essential guideline here is whether you are in good standing with the Catholic Church and whether you are eligible to receive the sacraments. In most instances, a divorced person will be able to make a Cursillo weekend. Other extenuating circumstances should be discussed with your sponsor or spiritual director.

I would like to attend the Cursillo weekend the same time as a friend, is this possible?

Special consideration is given to this request and this should be noted on both candidates’ applications. In some instances this may delay the timing of the invitation to make the Cursillo weekend. It is best to submit both applications at the same time in order to avoid this problem.

If I am unable to attend a Cursillo to which I am invited, what steps should be taken?

In the instance where you have been invited and cannot attend, it is simply a matter of sending and email to the Pre-Cursillo chairpersons. If you have already accepted the invitation and notified the Pre-Cursillo chairpersons you should also contact your sponsor immediately by phone to advise them of this information. The sponsor should then contact the Pre-Cursillo chairpersons so that changes can be made and an invitation extended to the next candidate on the list. Generally speaking, there is a waiting list of candidates to make the 3-day weekend; therefore, it is extremely important that information concerning cancellations be provided as quickly as possible.

Can I be considered for making a Cursillo at the "last minute" in the event another candidate has to cancel?

This is important information to make your sponsor aware of and to make note of on your application. Because of a relatively large number of people attending the weekend, it is fairly common to have a schedule change or cancellation at the "last minute". In those instances it is helpful to know of candidates whose schedules are flexible to be able to replace the candidate who had to cancel out at the last minute.

How does the Cursillo Movement recognize other denominational movements such as Tres Dias and Walk to Emmaus?

Cursillo weekends as prescribed by the National Secretariat are "of one faith"; therefore, a 3-day weekend is attended solely by practicing Catholics who are eligible to receive the sacraments of the church. It is possible in other areas that another denomination might have a movement referred to as "Cursillo". Locally the Cursillo Movement fully recognizes and supports other denominational movements such as Tres Dias and Walk to Emmaus. In the instance of mixed faith marriages, Cursillo supports and encourages a non-Catholic spouse to make one of these weekends concurrent with the Catholic spouse making a Cursillo.

Where can I get a Cursillo application form?

An application form is available here (English) (Spanish). Click the link and fill out the form with your sponsor.

After an application is submitted, what is the process from that point?

The Pre-Cursillo chairpersons will send an acknowledgment of an email or letter to the applicant and the sponsor. The applications will be processed basically in chronological order of receipt. Invitations are extended to the candidates approximately two weeks prior to an upcoming weekend.

How long will it be after submitting an application before I will be invited to make a Cursillo weekend?

Typical waiting times range from one to six months under normal circumstances. Occasionally last minute cancellations for a weekend occur, thereby creating openings which may allow some candidates to attend earlier if their schedule permits. The basic premise of inviting candidates is in chronological order of receipt of the applications.

What is the cost for a Cursillo weekend?

The suggested fee is $120 which covers the entirety of materials, food and lodging for the weekend. This fee should not prevent any candidate from experiencing the Weekend. If this amount imposes a financial hardship, it can be deferred or waived all together if necessary. At times, some sponsors may choose to cover the expenses for their candidates.

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Upcoming Weekends!



Men's Weekend 120
February 28 – March 3, 2019

Women's Weekend 110
March 28 – 31, 2019


Men's Weekend 121
October 3 - 6, 2019

Women's Weekend 111
October 17 - 20, 2019



Men's Weekend
May 2 - 5, 2019

Women's Weekend
May 9 - 12, 2019


Men's Weekend
October 31 - November 3, 2019

Women's Weekend
November 7 - 10, 2019

All weekends will be held at St. Joseph Retreat and Conference Center in Tipton: 1440 W. Division Rd.Tipton, IN 46072 (click here for directions)


Click here to download an application and make a weekend!

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